May 7

An Introduction


I am a sprinter. Not physically, of course. I hate running. But metaphorically, I’m a sprinter. I like to go hard and go fast all at once. Because of this, I am also prone to waiting till the last minute to do all the things. So I wait forever to do everything all at once. This isn’t a good habit, but it’s a hard one to shake.

Now to be honest, I’ve gotten really good at this process. But I don’t feel great about doing it this way and it stresses me out. More and more I’m realizing this just isn’t what I want for myself. I noticed that going fast all the time doesn’t really leave room for me to give myself time to breathe. I don’t live life as well. I feel better and things turn out better when I opt to make slow progress over time. So that’s what this blog is about: making progress. It’s also about the many way I know that I don’t do that currently. But I’m a work in progress myself and I want to document that journey. Whatever it looks like. I want to practice being deliberate about making progress, about going slow. I want to plan to make progress instead of just hoping it happens.

I know I’m not good at it but I’m going to try. Wish me luck.


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