May 21



I’ve realized that the best way to get things done is to develop a routine for them. A routine, for me, means a set list of things to do that I don’t have to think about. That not thinking part is important. Because the fewer decisions I have to make, the fewer opportunities I give myself to decide not to do the thing I said I was gonna do. No thinking, just doing.

What I find, however, is that establishing a routine is damn hard. When you’ve been doing things one way for years and years, deciding to do things a different way takes a lot of effort. And I am someone who believes in putting in that effort and yet it’s still difficult, even for me. It’s also hard when external factors prevent you from being able to establish that new routine.

I’d like to start exercising in the morning, for example. But that requires several other steps prior to the actual workout in order for that to actually happen. On weekends that means I have to get up before the baby 😳. And on weekends I have to get us up early enough to get the little one out the door at or near opening time 🤦🏿‍♀️… Both of these things are hard. Not impossible, but hard.

What I’m trying to remind myself is that all of the trouble I have to go through to establish that routine is worth it. These are changes worth making. And they are changes that will take time. I probably can’t decide to do something today and have that change stick for the rest of my life. It has to become a habit and those take time to build. Every day I’m laying a single brick down in my foundation. Today only that single brick is my responsibility. One brick in the foundation of my routine. I got this.


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