May 28

One foot in front of the other


I’ve had some interesting revelations about progress lately. About progress and consistency. I believe they are both profoundly important. I believe they are the key to growth. I think I’ve know or believed this for quite some time. But I’ve underestimated my humanity in trying to make it come to fruition. Time and time again I’ve dismissed the very real, very human part of myself that makes doing things consistently very difficult.  But that humanity is very real. It is human. And it can’t be ignored.

So how do I overcome it? Outsmart it? Solve for it? I wish I had an answer but I don’t. But there are a few things I want to try. I won’t lay them out here but among them I think creating a routine is my best bet. And I hope to document some of that process here as time goes on. Wish me luck.


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Workout Progress: Day 1

Workout Progress: Day 1
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